Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring Mobius Loop

Another wonderful yarn that was sent my by Tracey of Interlacements Yarns was a new base MoMoMo in colorway Odyssey. Of course I love the colors! But the boucle texture of the mohair was an interesting challenge to work with. Just not being in the mood to knit this yarn, I picked up a crochet hook and started playing. This cowl was what had to be made. The mobius loop adds an extra bit of interest in the larger sizes, or crochet the small size as a regular loop. If you decide to make this pattern I would love to see your projects on Ravelry. My Spring Cowl Project on Ravelry (pattern coming soon).

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pebble Bay Hat

Back! I have been so busy knitting models for yarn businesses. This last year I also started designing my own patterns. So many ideas!

This pattern started as a stitch, I loved how it worked with variegated yarns. It makes the most of those special skeins, as it is knit top down. Because I wanted to write it with different gauges and sizes, it was a personal challenge for me. Cast on for this hat started when Tracey of Interlacements Yarn sent me new yarn, sockr, to knit into a sample. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be made into my idea for a hat. Hat is currently being tested on Ravelry, I will post a link to the pattern soon.

This yarn is 100% merino. As you would expect, it is the yarn that proves wrong anyone who says, "Wool is always scratchy". Wear able, and well wearing, what more can we ask for? Brilliant colors? Delivered!

What are you working on?