Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happenings 10-21 Photo Improvements?

What have you been up to this week? I made some more stitch markers, they will be in my shop shortly. The project bag is finished, and turned out great (husband even said so). Went to iron my back drop for the marker photos, and the iron isn't getting hot. Sigh. I was wanting to make more bags (always need more project bags, right?). But now I'll have to wait. I'm getting better on the stitch marker photos. (At least I hope so) Winter light is making it difficult, and it is only going to get worse. But of course, you want to see! Still a little fuzzy, but getting there:

Love this combination, Blue of course. Notice the Blue Wire!

Pink and Brown is such a classic combination.

What do you think of these for knitting party favors? Each one will come as a wine charm.

More pictures next week, enjoy your knitting. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I love Yarn Day

So I was going to write this nice blog post including all the things I like about yarn, but instead my time is going to be spent knitting. Briefly wanted to share a link to Craftsy's Clearance yarn. I am an affiliate. You will find some great deals on yarn, and you may want to check out their other supplies and classes also. What do you like the best about yarn?

I love the possibility that is in each skein, ball, hank, and cone. Each different fiber has a use, and can be enjoyed. So have fun today with yarn.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happenings 10-14 FO Linen Stitch Scarf

You know that feeling when you finish something that was so much fun to make you want to cast on another one right away? It is completely different from the "so glad that is finished", and the "why did I start that?". It is related to "That turned out nice, I might use that pattern again for..." (then you never ever use that pattern again. There are too many other interesting patterns in the world to knit the same twice.) This pattern Should have been a chore, one I was just relieved was over. It wasn't. I'm happy to introduce you to (after taking forever to get pictures) my Linen Stitch Scrap Scarf.
Gorgeous, right? This has such a great woven texture to the knitting. Lets look closer:

I think I cast on 300 stitches. I should have made a note, and really should have blocked my swatch. Duh! Wanting a really long scarf, the cast on was really long. After the knitting was done this scarf was about 84 inches.

After blocking the scarf is 7 inches wide, and 94 inches long. Not counting the fringe. LEts see the fringe:

At the beginning and the end of each round i had extra stitches I knit into. Then I k1tbl and started the linen stitch. This made a great edge, and easy fringe. I worked in the round, and cut the yarn between the rounds after binding off. The result is a light weight, warm scarf i'm going to be using for a long time. It weighs 6.7 ounces, and is just the bright accessory I needed for winter. Turns out linen stitch worked in light weight yarn (mostly fingering) on large needles (US #7) makes great scarf. Now I want a wrap. But i'm going to need more scraps, or use whole skeins. It probably won't need to be as long. 

Just had to include a picture of another finished item:

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Monday, October 12, 2015

100Creations Facebook page

This is your invitation to like the 100Creations By Rachel Facebook page. What will you see in your feed? Here are some of articles shared last week:

Free cable hat pattern on Ravelry. Columbia Gorge cable hat designed by Kalurah Hudson 

Doesn't this hat just shout fall? Start knitting now, and wear it for months to come. Or gift it to someone, if you don't get cold weather. ‪#‎fall‬ ‪#‎hatpattern

Another hat to knit this fall. Reversible, this hat can look different every time you wear it. @Ravelry ‪#‎knithatpattern‬ ‪#‎womenshat

Crowd funding scams- including one raising money for a yarn dyeing business- remind us to be cautious who we give money to. Things to look for.

Learn how they are creating a gang of hand knitters for ready to wear items. Wool & the Gang: Not Your Grandma’s Knitting Circle - Bloomberg Business ‪#‎knittingbusiness‬ ‪#‎knitwear‬

This is just some of my Facebook posts from last week. In addition, I posted links to giveaways, other articles, and new listing from my Etsy shop. Please like my Facebook page to see more. Did you know that liking or sharing posts that you find interesting means you will see more from that page?

What kind of articles would you like to see more of?

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happenings: 10/7 Briefly

Just a quick note to say hi! Last week I started the border on my Celtic Quilt #1b blanket. Slow going, but I'm really loving how it is turning out. Of course I'm not following the pattern. I just didn't have enough circular needles for that, and the rounds really would have been endless. I finished the fourth block for Celtic Quilt #2, and am on the border for the 5th block. Hopefully stash will allow me to work 12 blocks for that blanket.

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I'm working on being more interesting next week. In the meantime here is an interesting article:
Knitting your way to a healthier happier mind. 

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Monday, October 5, 2015


I recently started my free trial to What was my experience? Let me share it with you.

This post contains affiliate links.

As you know I'm primarily a knitter, but I love exploring other crafts. Creativebug is great for that. If you already have the skills taught in the class you might still learn, but you probably won't need to watch again and again.With Creativebug's monthly subscription you can watch as many shows as you want, or watch the same show more than once. This is great for ones thinking of getting into a new craft, when you need basic skills. You don't pay for each show individually, but can try out many shows each month. If you see a favorite you want to keep, you get one credit each month to save a show to your library.

Surprisingly the videos I watched the most weren't about knitting or crochet. There are videos for sewing, paper crafts, yarn, and quilting. I watched several on sewing, including: Master Pattern Drafting for creating your own sewing pattern, and Learn to Sew Clothes, Sewing a Top or Dress with Princess Seams.  These have me really wanting to sew my own clothes again. When I sewed my own clothes before, my Grandma and Mom were available to help with scary stuff like sewing zippers and cutting the fabric. The last video helps with those, and the first one helps you get the best fit.

I also watched the Weaving for Beginners class.  This starts you out with all you need to know about weaving, including how to make your own loom. The also have free patterns on how to read a crochet pattern, how to read a sewing pattern, and reading knitting patterns and charts.

Which video are you going to watch next?

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Just listed

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