Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: Quick Crocheted Accessories, 3 Skeins or Less by Sharon Zientara

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Quick Crocheted Accessories by Sharon Zientara from Interweave is great for those of us whose stash is more likely to yield orphan balls then sweater quantities. Use the one skein projects to quickly make a present, or play with the complex stitch patterns or color work in the two and three skein projects. 

Patterns include hats, cowls, shawls and shawlettes, slippers, scarves, wraps, mitts, and a brooch. While the patterns are made prettier by the yarn choice, they would look good in other yarns. Crocheting these items wouldn't be difficult, but isn't plain single crochet for miles either. Exact amounts of yarn used is not given, but some items could probably be made from less then a full ball. There are projects that combine colors for even more crochet fun. Would you like to see some of my favorites?
This piece from the cover would be fun to crochet, and fun to wear. The stitch pattern would be fun to see in a 'plain' scarf, though the loop adds many possibilities for styling. 

This is a light and airy piece. Inspired by a Japanese stitch pattern, it would look great in any flower color.

These socks are not just crocheted, they are tunisian crocheted. Must try this! They would make for a very thick cushy fabric, great for winter and fall. The spiral construction means a regular crochet hook is all you need. 

I love this stitch pattern, especially in the hat. But the seaming on the mittens bugs me. I wouldn't like that extra fabric on my hands. Course, I'm not a ribbon and bow person either. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happenings: 9/23 Play with Polymer Clay

I love knitting, but this summer I rediscovered other crafts i loved at one time. Polymer clay is one of them. So when Monday was an unexpected day off, I used the afternoon to get all my polymer clay and tools out to explore new techniques. It has been so long! Don't laugh! Clearly more practice is required, but it was fun.


Have  you tried something new or rediscovered lately?
Most of these are going to be earrings or necklaces, but others will be perfect stitch markers.

Using acrylic paint on polymer clay was new to me. It was so much fun, good thing I have a lot of paint!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby

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In my current destash project, I have sold a lot of magazines and books. One of the books I have kept is Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby. The complete title is Crochet Boutique, 30 simple, stylish hats, bags, & accessories. Simple and stylish is a really good description. The project takes crochet and make it a bit more modern with new colors and yarns. Many are small and use bulky yarn, so you will be able to have a finished item quickly. 

I like these:
They both use simple crochet stitches to make items you could wear everyday. They would also fit my wardrobe, handmade look, with out looking homemade. If you know what i mean. 

There are a couple I wouldn't make:
The pillow is just because I wouldn't make it. The lampshade would be dark with all the yarn on it. The purpose of a lamp, for me, is to provide light. Usually I'm trying to craft by it. It is a cute picture though. 

Some projects would be great for inspiring your projects you sell, or make great gifts:
These would be quick to knit up, and don't have to fit your recipient like other projects might. 

If you would like to buy this book, please visit The price is quite reasonable for the number of patterns. Depending on the offer you accept,  it is also eligible for free shipping with a prime membership.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happenings 9-15 Crazy Week

It has been a crazy busy week. So busy I haven't even taken pictures of anything I have finished. I did get a shop started on Craft Foxes. It looks like a fun site to get creative.

The weather turned just a little cool this weekend. It surprised me!  I was just going along thinking it was summer, then pow! fall is here. Sweaters, scarves, hats, hand knit socks, mitts weather. Not ready to change all my clothes out, but i'll be getting a few clothes out for the cooler weather.

I love knitting, and the cool weather makes it even more fun. Knitting is a way to keep those we love warm, even when we can't be with them. When my sister got married and was living in Buffalo,  the only thing I could think was "she is going to be cold!" so I crocheted her two blankets. I recently came across a picture of one them. And now I can't find it again.

I also knit a blanket for my brother and sister-in-law when they got married.

It seems to be a tradition in my family. My mother would make these quilts for people. Hours and hours of time went into each one. Then they would be passed on to make someone else warm.

What do you knit or crochet this time of year? This summer I had a little time to rediscover my other favorite crafts, but this cool weather has me ready to knit again.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Podcast Review: Marly Bird, Yarn Thing

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One my favorite podcasts is Marly Bird's Yarn Thing. She is a crochet and knit designer, with hundreds of patterns on Ravelry. Her podcast is hosted live, so listen in while it is happening most every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 AM Central Standard Time.  If you get an account at Blog Talk Radio, you can even join in the chat room and ask questions or make comments while the show is airing. She usually gives away prizes at the ends of the show, so get your phone ready for the call in number. Her show Tuesday September 15 is hosting Designer, Teacher Lorna Miser.

Marly Bird was traveling last week, and couldn't host the podcast. Imagine my surprise when I was listening to the Webs ( podcast and Marly Bird was being interviewed about Stitches Texas. So go listen to that blog too!

Marly has classes on Craftsy, and Creative bug. Her books are available at Knit Picks, and Amazon. You will want to read her blog posts at to see her free and paid patterns as they are released. Her newest pattern is a shawl that can be knit or crocheted.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 40th Anniversary Sale

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happenings 9/9 Now on Etsy

Hi! Welcome to the new addition of Happenings. I have been busy this week making stitch markers. Here are some of my newest:



Aren't they cute? Watch for them to come to Ebay. I also have a few knitting stitch markers and patterns available on Etsy, and more will be added.

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I had a photo shoot today. Just me, the camera, and a secret project. And a tripod - couldn't have done it with out the tripod. It was a beautiful morning, just right for taking pictures. Then inside I took pictures of my newest stitch markers, some of them are up there.

Ebay again: Lots of magazines and books for sale. The magazines are crochet this time. Some auctions are ending tonight, but more are going to be starting this whole week. Please see check them out, and bids are always welcome. I do combine shipping.

Please help me out! If you are on Etsy, favoriting my shop and items in it will help people find me. I'm also working on a Grand Opening promotion. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for checking in with me. I'm going to be sharing knitting news on my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Please join me on those sites as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Arcade Cowl: Free Pattern

2/15 New chart and written directions added. Enjoy! Please share links back to this page.

Arcade: a series of arches supported by columns.

A blend of texture, lace and cables, this pattern shows off your yarn and knitting skills. Complex, but easy to knit, this cowl will fly from your needles. You will stay warm and look good.

Any aran or bulky weight wool will work, just check your gauge if you want the same size garment. This cowl was knit using Interlacements Vixen. It is 120 yards in 3.5 ounces. You will need 3 skeins. 

Please link your project to the Arcade Cowl Ravelry page. Adding it to your favorites or Queue helps as well. 

Arcade Cowl
3 skeins Vixen by Interlacements. 360 Yards Bulky weight yarn 100% wool
#8, 5.5 mm circular needle 24 in/ 61 cm long
Tapestry needle to weave in ends

One pattern repeat 2.75 in X 1.5 in


K: knit
P: purl
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
ssk: Slip two stitches, K slipped stitches together
YO:  Yarn over
Coin: Slip third stitch over first 2 stitches on left needle, K1, YO, K1

Stitch Pattern
Rounds 1 - 2: P, k3, p12. (16 sts)
Round 3: P, Slip 3rd stitch over 2 stitches on LN, k1, yo, k1, p, k2tog x 2, (yo, k) x 3, yo, ssk x 2. 
Round 4: P, k3, p, k11. 
Round 5: P, k3, p, k2tog x 2, (yo, k) x 3, yo, ssk x 2. 
Round 6: Repeat round 4. 
Round 7: Repeat round 3. 
Round 8: Repeat round 4.

Cast on 256 sts, keeping tension relaxed. Join to knit in the round, don’t twist. Place stitch marker for beginning of round.
Repeat stitch pattern 16 X’s per round. Knit round 1-8 6 X’s, then rounds 1, 2 once more.
Cast off, again with relaxed tension.
Wet block cowl, shaping as desired.
Wear! Enjoy the warmth and look good too.