Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Project Finish

From the time a project is cast-on thought must be given to the finishing. For example, if you start the cast on with too short a yarn tail, weaving in invisibly will be difficult. Or that too tight cast on prevents the project from being blocked enough to show the lace stitches. A loose and sloppy cast on can detract from the beauty of your item. But we were supposed to be taking about the finishing.

Just like swatching, some people don't like finishing their projects. It can be hard when you finally get into the rhythm of the stitches to stop, bind off, and be faced with pieces rather than a finished object. But picking up the sewing needle and joining each piece with care can bring its own satisfaction. The satisfaction of a job well done.

Be sure to block your pieces before sewing, it is much easier! Some think blocking sounds scary, but sheep get wet, it won't hurt the yarn. Then just lay it flat on a clean surface, a towel on the floor, spare bed (unless you expect it to dry really quick!), or counter or table top for smaller pieces. After laying them out, I like to pat the piece out to the schematic. Pins are usually only necessary to help prevent rolling edges. 

While the project is drying is the perfect time to start the beginning of a new project. Unless you are already to the middle on project two, then you can  just knit. 

When dry, careful seaming can take an item from homemade to handmade. A subtle distinction, but one that helps separate the "you made that, didn't you," comments from the "where did you get that." comments. Plus, you spent how many hours knitting, now is not the time to skimp on attention.

Now the really fun part, put it on! Don't forget to take pictures and share them, we want to see too. 

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