Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Ocean Breezes

Ocean Breezes Knitted Scarves Inspired by the Sea by Sheryl Thies remains ones of my favorite books. I have knit 4 scarves to completion, and still love looking through it and matching up my yarn to other pattern. One of the nice things about the books is many of the yarns are easily available. All patterns include the yardage and fiber of yarns used, making substitution easier.  This is a book of scarves, so most have straight forward construction. Any constructions that are new to you will be much simpler to learn in a smaller project like these scarves.  These aren't all beginner projects, but some are. They will provide inspiration to more experienced knitters as well. I still want to knit Turtle Tracks. My Scalloped Shells was a case of wrong fiber for the pattern. Maybe someday I will get to reknit it.

With a very brief introduction and a few hints to substituting yarns, this book is mostly about the patterns. You will need to be able to knit lace, cables, and graft. Or have another resource for learning the skills you need. A couple of the patterns are just knit and purl, they can give you the confidence to knit more of these scarves.  One thing that can make these patterns more challenging is the lack of charts for the stitch patterns.

Available on Amazon in softcover, and Martingale as a pdf download. I am an Amazon affliate, and your purchase through this link helps support this blog. Errata are available at the Martingale website for the Mermaid's Mesh scarf, my copy already had the correction.

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Tomorrow I get to visit the sixth annual Lexington Sheep and Fiber Festival. If it is anywhere near as exciting as last year, I will have lots to share with you. Look for pictures of sheep, yarn, fleece and fiber.

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