Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happening July 29

Welcome to Happenings, where you will learn what Rachel has been up to this week. Check back every week for Finished Items, and Works-in-Progress. As well as tidbits from other crafters that caught her attention.

Gogia Socks by Mary Hough are finally off the needles. They are going to be great for winter, perfect fit, and very warm. Pink may not be my favorite color, but they make me smile. What more can you ask?

The Linen Stitch Scarf is patiently waiting. This week it was all about getting the Interlacements Vest Finished. It was a Work in Progress last week, next week it will be in the Finished Item, with pretty pictures. Or at least there will be pictures, pretty might take the week off. 

Also on the needles (other needles) Lissadell Socks were cast on using the same yarn as the Gogia above. Hopefully the skein will make another pair. I would hate to have to buy more yarn. Link above is to the testing call, now full, but you can see the socks.

This Kalmia shawl is gorgeous. (and this must be the pink issue of Happenings)
Just what you need this summer. Lace Essence Top to Crochet (Free Pattern)

One Came Home by Amy Timberlake You can read more about it from the Amazon page, so I won't summarize it here. My favorite part is where Georgie realizes her family and town forgave her for leaving without a word. You will have to read the book to learn why that is important. My copy was free through Kentucky Unbound Library.

Read the story of this beautiful tapestry. That is right, it isn't a photograph. 

August will be Giveaway's Month. Check back each Monday for a new giveaway. Rickrack vest finished. 

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