Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: The Best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves

You never know when getting a book which is going to be the one you pick up and look at over and over. The Best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves is that book for me. It is my look book, and inspiration. This is the book that if I haven't knit them all yet, I want to. More than just presenting a wide variety of shawls and scarves, it explains the history and inspiration behind each one. Some of the ones I have knit were so long ago they weren't even photographed.

My favorite is the top-down Faroese shaped shawl. This is the one that gets complemented every time it is worn, even though the color isn't the prettiest. This summer a friend asked me to make her one just like it, in blue. Not able to just make something twice, I designed my own pattern with the same shape and knitting direction. The result was Sarah's Shawl. Here is the one photo of the original on my Ravelry project page. (obviously, the shawl was finished later) Photo's of other FO's so you can see them for yourself.

Another shawl that was fun to knit, and looks good, is Grandma's Checkerboard Lace by Karen Yaksick. The sewn picot hem on this was something I knew I would use again. Here is my shawl, the picot sewn border is the same one used in Swirl Skirt. For both projects it gives you the strength and finish of a hem, and the picots are that little extra. This shawl is one that will be knit again, or at least elements used again.
One project that never got finished is Symmetry in Silk by Eugen Buegler. The yarn won't hold a block well enough for this project and will be reused else where. And hopefully the pattern will be knit in something more suitable.

The Twining Lace Set was a success. They did get split up, the mittens went to one person and the scarf to another. Both were enjoyed, and that is what counts.
This doesn't even touch most of the projects in the book. Ravelry has 32 projects listed.  Featherweight Fantasy became a gift for a dear friend. The lace border in Lace Shawl by Deborah Newton was adjusted and used in my Chloe's Heart pattern. More about the center stitch pattern in Chloe's Heart release post.

This book has a wide variety of pattern, from simple to very complex lace. The charts and patterns are much terser than knitters prefer. Looking through the book, reading the articles, and knitting the projects are well worth your time. Whether your preference is barely there lace, Shetland style, or garter glory, I hope you give this book some of your time. You will love being able to connect to the history of knitting, and make your own heirloom piece. 

No errata for any printing after the first one. 

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