Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Knitting Socks

One of my favorite things to knit is socks. Sounds crazy, but they really are fun. Here are my reasons. Please keep in mind these reason are given in no particular order.

Reason 1

When you are knitting socks in public, people can see that they are socks. Though they always think that the sock I'm knitting could only fit a baby. Don't get why they think that.

Reason 2

Despite the thin yarn and tiny needles, it is possible to see progress. When  you actually knit on them. No progress can be seen when they stay in your project bag.

Reason 3

 You might choose the most conservative colors for other items in your wardrobe, but you can always wear bright socks. Even if you don't choose the brightest colors, the stitch pattern can always be adventurous. 

What do you like about knitting socks?

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