Monday, November 23, 2015

Review: Vogue Knitting Fall 2015

Vogue Knitting Fall 2015 brings a variety of stylish patterns, challenging knits, and wardrobe additions. Just a few of the stand out projects are included here. 

Stylish Patterns

Style + Intricate Knitting

# 21 Graphic Sweater

Multiple two color motifs guarantee you won't lose interest knitting this sweater. Just don't lose your mind keeping track of the pattern. Black and natural colors recommended. 

Challenging Knits

Push your knitting boundaries to their maximum.

#26 Segmented Shawl

Lace and cables combine to make this shawl one you won't soon forget. Forget right side and wrong side, this one is double knit. Double the work, but double the fun. Of course, I love the color.

#28 Double-Knit Beanie

Not quite the challenge of number twenty-six, get a taste of double knitting with this beanie. When you are done, you get the fun of choosing the right side. 

Wardrobe Additions

Fun to knit + Wearable

#6 V-Neck Vest

Use the cables shown, or substitute your favorites. This will provide just the right amount of warmth, but knit faster than a sweater. Plus the color will banish winter blues.

#9 Arrowhead Top

Plain name for a top that mimics ready to wear hemlines. Knit in worsted weight, you will be wearing it before the weather warms up. This could also be worn as a vest, but the center ribbing would be bulky.
All photos copyright SoHo Publishing. More patterns can be found in the magazine, Vogue Knitting Fall 2016, or viewed on Ravelry

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