Monday, October 5, 2015


I recently started my free trial to What was my experience? Let me share it with you.

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As you know I'm primarily a knitter, but I love exploring other crafts. Creativebug is great for that. If you already have the skills taught in the class you might still learn, but you probably won't need to watch again and again.With Creativebug's monthly subscription you can watch as many shows as you want, or watch the same show more than once. This is great for ones thinking of getting into a new craft, when you need basic skills. You don't pay for each show individually, but can try out many shows each month. If you see a favorite you want to keep, you get one credit each month to save a show to your library.

Surprisingly the videos I watched the most weren't about knitting or crochet. There are videos for sewing, paper crafts, yarn, and quilting. I watched several on sewing, including: Master Pattern Drafting for creating your own sewing pattern, and Learn to Sew Clothes, Sewing a Top or Dress with Princess Seams.  These have me really wanting to sew my own clothes again. When I sewed my own clothes before, my Grandma and Mom were available to help with scary stuff like sewing zippers and cutting the fabric. The last video helps with those, and the first one helps you get the best fit.

I also watched the Weaving for Beginners class.  This starts you out with all you need to know about weaving, including how to make your own loom. The also have free patterns on how to read a crochet pattern, how to read a sewing pattern, and reading knitting patterns and charts.

Which video are you going to watch next?

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